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Steve Neuschotz Design prides itself on delivering low cost solutions to its clients. We achieve this goal by carefully evaluating our clients requirements before any design or development begins. Our clients are asked to participate in helping define the goals of the website and what key features will be built. This participation results in a clear roadmap for the project.

All projects are unique. The rate card below is only intended to be guide. All quotes generated by Steve Neuschotz Design represent actual pricing. Some projects may require a "good faith" deposit before work can begin. Please see the Services section for complete details on all the services we provide.

Most software development projects, such as building a website, are never completed or run over budget. This because many companies jump right in and begin building the software before asking the right questions. Design decisions based on solid, up-front analysis yield great software. That is our mission.

Graphic Design

»   Logo Only Creation : $250 to $500

»   Complete Website : $750 to $1500

Website Development

»   Squeeze Page : $250 to $500

»   Complete Website : $750 to $1500

Database Development

»   Database Services : $250 to $750

»   Complete Database : $750 to $1500

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