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In today's fast paced world, your small business only has a few moments to make a positive impression on potential customers. This impression is usually based on your corporate logo.

Steve Neuschotz Design can help design or update a logo for your small business which captures the heart of the products and services your company provides. We use only state of the art design tools to hand craft each logo with a focus on consistency across all types of media.


Steve Neuschotz Design recognizes that each of our small business customers is a unique entity. We design and develop each website from the ground up. The process begins by developing a set of goals for the website from your perspective. We want to ensure that we understand your small business needs and your goals for the website.

After establishing a set of clear objectives for the website, we begin designing the graphic components of the site. These components include the logo, color scheme, type faces and photographs. We develop illustrations which mockup of the website to be built. Again, we meet with you to discuss these mockups and address any of your concerns before proceeding.

Development of the website begins with your approval of the design. Each website brings with it unqiue challenges. We provide each of our customers a delivery schedule, which we believe is both realistic and conforms with your business objectives.

As a service to our customers, Steve Neuschotz Design will host the completed website for you for a period of one year. We also provide you technical support assistance at no charge for that same one year period.


At Steve Neuschotz Design, we believe strongly that all small businesses can benefit from an internet presence. However, our experience has shown us there are two areas of website development, if overlooked, can actually limit the effectiveness of any website.

First, it is absolutely critical that the content of the website remain current. Stale information is a sign to any internet user to move on to another website. Second, each and every time an internet user visits your website, there must be a mechanism to capture at least their email address.

In order to address these two critial issues, Steve Neuschotz Design offers database development services which support our customers websites.

We design each website to draw upon dynamic content stored in a database developed specifically for your small business. By providing you the ability to update the information in the database, and therefore the website, the information on the website never becomes stale. As your message changes, so does the website.

A database provides a permanent storage location for the email addresses and other pieces of customer data you wish to capture. This data can then be used to produce mass market emails and newsletters targeted at website visitors who have already expressed an interest in your company's products and services.

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